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  • concise + precise = F1 grand prix

    concise + precise = F1 grand prix

    How’s it going? A casual, informal greeting used by an individual or group or individuals addressing another individual (or group or individuals). Often used instead of or in conjunction with (following) word such as hello, hi or hey. There are many ways to answer the question. Just keep it short and informal. Positive: – I’m… Read more

  • go with the flow

    go with the flow

    Transformations, transitions, trans-morphing Howdy… A greeting used primarily in the southern part of the U.S. Short for “How do you do?” We answer with a tip of a hat, nod or better “Mornin!“, “Afternoon!“, or “Evenin!” than “good morning“, “good afternoon“, or “good evening“. How your money became my money and then, it was “poof” gone. Once upon… Read more

  • olive trees in crisis

    olive trees in crisis

    today we are going to review the past actions. many students ask us to explain when we use the past or the present perfect. in order to help you figure this out, remember the speaker chooses to emphasize if the action or time has finished, or if wants to emphasize that there is STILL a… Read more

  • nailing the job interview

    nailing the job interview

    job interviews. let’s negotiate. we negotiate with family, colleagues, friends, with ourselves. we negotiate to establish how certain or uncertain reality is or what the result of a situation might be. today we are reviewing the zero conditional. it (and the other conditionals) are ABSOLUTELY crucial for job interviews. typical interview questions include ones which… Read more

  • future: will + inflation

    future: will + inflation

    hey there! today we will begin a series on future tenses and inflation.  future tenses  can cause you a headache and it’s difficult to wrap your head around it.  but when you get the hang of it you will have a great tool at your disposal to negotiate and position yourself in conversations. so, today… Read more

  • what the glitch?!

    what the glitch?!

    who hasn’t been afraid of spending a day, or more, at the airport waiting for take off, but your flight keeps getting delayed? in addition, customer service goes deaf and mute. long hours, waiting while you are being told: “we will give you information as soon as possible. we apologize for the inconvenience.” agghhhh!! fuming… Read more

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